problem and solution essays middle school

within the education curriculum to help make schools more accommodative and impactful towards special needs students? How should employees approach the issue of discrimination within the work place? How can teachers help make their students more accommodative towards ethnically or culturally different students? In the introduction, you need to describe the problem and explain why it needs to be solved and then give your thesis solution. In both situations, you will need to convince the reader that it is an important problem. Which programs should be introduced to make it easier to identify highly talented students? Is feasible to implement. A problem solution essay is one that identifies a specific problem and then provides a plan or a solution for the same.

Essay on cyber crime and solution. A problem solution essay appears to be something that not only college students can get. Class 8 (Middle School ).

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You need to think about how you can convince the reader who has the power to act on your suggestions, not just someone who already agrees with you but cant do anything about the situation. Your main goals are: Interest your reader in the problem. What can the world do to help protect women and children during war? Refute objections, this Article Includes, finding a Good Topic, deciding on the Best Solution. What are some of the ways that can be adopted to help teenagers avoid succumbing to eating disorders? Explain your solution clearly, convince the reader that your solution is cost-effective and feasible. Discuss ways employers can use to motivate their employees. What should be done to help increase the number of students who qualify for college education? Discuss ways the government and the general public can use to help deal with the issue of worker exploitation.

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