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person is difficult. Mostly language is the basis of ethnicity in Pakistan. Peshawar is the centre of global war on terrorism. Despite this Urdu remains the National Language of Pakistan and is spoken in most households who are aspiring upward social mobility. Sajji is the food eaten with knife other than that Baloch people usually eat with hands. It is spoken as the first language by majority people in Punjab, even spoken and understood in areas beyond the confines of Punjab. Arts and Music: Sindhi society is dominated by great Sufis, the mystics and the martyrs. Pakistan is an ideological Islamic State.

Print, reference this, published: Mon, pakistan is a country of over 165 million people with diverse social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural circumstances. Specific changes in these periods were noticeable in language, dress, customs, music and drama well after the establishment of these rules. Dances Attan: In this dance, the dancers perform to the is dance is performed by both the genders involving 2-5 steps, ending with a clap given while facing the center, after which the process is repeated again. Their social occasions such as marriages and deaths etc are similar to the practices followed elsewhere nietzsche genealogy of morals essay important quotes in Pakistan but are less ostentatious in showing their wealth. On different occasions, the Folk dance of Bhagat is also performed by professionals to entertain the visiting people. Honour killing, where women are killed for illicit relations with men, is often resorted to restore family and tribal honour.

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