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Big Sky Institute, ntana. Autumn fingerprint drawing with a touch of Adobe photoshop And another by Caleb, grade 5 Becoming Lost Streams raging, miles long Looking cold and falling* Then opening Becoming a mountain Swimming on itself, Softly, Becoming lost. As a 7th grader you will see new things and make analogies that the person you are as a 7th grader makes, not the person you were at another age. . She has noted a change in students: they now take their observations very seriously! Last summer, we took our program on the road and offered it as enrichment programming tied to the county libraries summer reading program. After reading his prose poem aloud Michael said, "I've been escaping ever since and then went on to discover myriad ways he had attempted to elude his childhood trauma eventually leading to his "escape into Vietnam." The loupe and the analogy provoking questions made connections.

The following are six poems written by Grade Six students after just two weeks of working with the loupes and the program. Today we added snails to our aquarium. . Again, the students took to analogical description like it was second nature to them, which it basically was. At night they fly overhead. The students were invited to write their analogies down-as many descriptive words as they could. We would venture off through wooded trails louping various deciduous tree leaves, acorns, tree bark, and local vegetation. . RoseMary and have been a part of the group rotation that we do at our school. .

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