problem solution essay animal extinction

researching it and writing about it, I realized just how simple it is to make a change. Complete the topic within 20 minutes. tags: Environmental Essays. Since then over 200 born and raised through captive breeding, worldwide. It is believed that the estimated quarter-million flowering plant species are potentially a gold mine of additional beneficial chemicals. In the end, it is up to the humans whether to co-habit the environment with other wild animals or face a bleak future of restricted species of the animal kingdom.

Poachers do not hunt for food or for legalized game hunting. They need to find the way to save them. What is causing such a rapid increase in extinction is unknown however there is one thing that is indisputable: human interference is playing a direct role. Based on the article, what are reasons this solution might be effective? Once a person is educated as to how or what they can do to help, they are open to a whole new window virginia tech act essay sat of opportunity. tags: Endangered Species, Extinct, Birds. Prezewalskies Horse became extinct in the wild within the past ten years. Zoos worldwide often help or contribute to governments and preservation groups working to preserve animals and environments.

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