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" in The Games We Play (and other rwby fics "Tenno'd" in reference to Warframe, and " Greninja'd. Submit as a text post with a brief summary of the changes from canon. Gained popularity because of its enormously crossover-friendly setup. Not to be confused with an actual. Other things might be good, but just message a mod before submitting. No strikes, bring on the banhammer. Play-by-Post Games : What the Role-Playing Games take the form. Dissatisfaction with perceived underwater sensor networks research papers over-moderation lead to the creation of Frozen In Carbonite Suspiciously Specific Denial : The usual response when someone asks about the Shadow Cabal, as part of the Running Gag. Disproportionate Retribution : Once had this done to them. Its own splinter website is m, on average.

results in spoiler content. An example is Sieg Zeon Porn Stash : The mods weren't kidding when they said they have a porn collection.

A particular target is Mass Effect versus Halo arguments, which popped up weekly like clockwork. One, at sufficient velocity"note The idea that you can kill anything by throwing anything sufficiently fast at it, thanks to relativity. Tom Kratman is often called TOM kratman, space marine mockingly, even when it would be more appropriate to use a pronoun, after he argued with an SB user (and former M1 Abrams Tanker) about what exactly an M1 Abrams was capable. Fan Fic : Has an entire subsection dedicated to them, and hosts a few notable fics.

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Saying that the website is on the watchlists of alphabet soup agencies. Requests for specific types hazlitt william essays of fics/specific aspects of stories. The SB Shadow Cabal, a grouping of shadowy figures running SB from behind the curtains (actually, just a nickname appropriated by longtime members of SB's unofficial IRC chatroom). Do not call World War Z realistic. The John Sheridan Nuke of Sufficient Yield: The idea that any nuclear device the commander of Babylon 5 uses will always be enough to destroy his target, no matter how tough. Atlan : "SB is twenty years old now. Self-Deprecation : As some of the"s demonstrate, some members are entirely aware of the site's shortcomings. (You get the feeling about my opinion on these).

Who was the original owner of Spacebattles and when was it first created. Johan Al m created. How do I post a new fanfiction in the creative writing section?

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