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strongly against political parties that he felt a need to warn Americans stating: Let me now take a more comprehensive view and warn you in most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally. Political parties operate within party systems, and the type of system will have profound effects on party behavior. Even there are other parties in the state, they are too weak or ineffective to challenge the political power. If there were no parties, if members of legislatures were completely disorganised and formed only a mass of men voting one way today and another way tomorrow, the government could not be sure how long it could stay in power. "Importance of Political Parties.". They allowed parties to prove their fidelity to the Constitution, each grudgingly conceding the legitimacy of the other(s but insisting on its own superior credentials and thus its ride to define what was common ground, and what forbidden ground, in the public life. Political parties, in this situation, help pulling interest groups into a larger organization. As interest groups would mainly focus on their needs and have conflicts with each other easily, it is difficult to set comprehensive goals or values in policy making. Despite the traditional view that the Republican and the Democratic Party are completely different, they are able to find agreement on numerous political and social issues.

It would, consequently, have no stability and no power to plan a coherent policy, national or international. And according to this view, parties divided by important differences of principle create a potentially revolutionary situation (Wilson, 48) A second theory on the strong opposition is parties undermine the prudence necessary for wise political leadership. (George Washington george Washington was not alone in his fear of political parties, James Madison in Federalist # 10, warned Americans against factions and party politics, describing it as potentially mortal disease. Political Parties Essay, Research Paper, political Parties, introduction. Most of them will and cannot, directly know the characters and opinions of their districts candidates. The political system was moving away from George Washington s ideal one party system into a two party system.

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Republicans and Democrats may promote different views on abortion, military aggression, and same-sex marriages, but one thing is evident: the striving to dominate on the political individualisation thesis beck arena will always serve the central political motive for both parties, regardless the specific political conditions in the.S. There is no other competition for political powers, and opposition is suppressed and disallowed. In fact, it would be difficult to form a government under such chaotic conditions. As an example, within each party, there are moderate republicans or democrats and extreme republican or democrats. Apart from the one-party system, two-party system is adopted by some countries nowadays as well. If a voter knows they have certain ideologies or pertain to a certain political party they can quickly recognize the political leaning and allegiance of candidates This is very helpful because it simplifies the voting process since it is very difficult. Under this system, only one party has the legitimate right to govern. For instance, China was under this party system and used mass campaign, such as the Cultural Revolution to mobilize people. Usually, the two dominant parties hold equal power, having an equal chance to win the general election depending on their previous performance. This was the case with Jefferson s Democratic Republican opposition to the monocrats and in Lincoln s refusal to allow the Constitution to become a pro-slavery document, in all these cases, American parties operated to restrain the passions of ambitious political men by forcing them.

Political Party Reforms for A Stronger Democracy Political Science fraternity all over the world has been. In conclusion, after researching Hitler's Nazi Party, Stalin's Communist Party, and Mussolini's Fascist. Example of a Compare and Contrast essay on Law about. Despite the increasing gap between the Republican and the Democratic parties, both fail to provide clear criteria that will determine the success of their political initiatives.

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