an inspector calls theme of responsibility essay

- Britain 1912/1945, read more. Those of the lower classes were treated the oppositely. Each family member has a shameful secret, which is linked to her death. Was responsible for the girl's condition." - Birling 7) "She feels responsible. We try for the highest possible prices." - Eric 2) "Not if it was just after the holidays. 'An Inspector Calls' was written.B Priestley in 1945 but set in 1912. We don't live alone. He is presented in these particular ways by his use of short sentences, which make him come across as slightly abrupt and often rude. Birling and his respectable character.

These things manage to present the Inspector as a powerful, enigmatic, brusque figure who may have introduced himself as a police Inspector but is truthfully a moral Inspector, wanting to determine the truth behind the death of Eva Smith. We are responsible for each other" "Remember that. Not impressed by Birling's 'connections treats everyone the same, challenged the privacy of the 'private sphere' through his omniscient traits. Capitalism is the idea that we should look out for ourselves and our family, but no one else. The play is about them celebrating the engagement of their daughter, Sheila, to Gerald Croft, when a harsh figure of an Inspector cross-examines the family relating to a suicide of a young working class woman. Also, the importance of the mentioning of the Titanic is also linked to the year in which it happened - 1912, which in pre-world war Britain held different experiences for different classes. Inspector 8) "He ought to be dealt with very severely." - Mrs. The writer of the play,.B Priestley, uses a variety of methods to present the Inspector in a variety of different ways.

Yes, of course you were." - Sheila 3) "Just remember that this girl was going to have a child." - Inspector. I'm sorry Sheila." - Gerald 4) "I insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going - until she refused any more." - Eric 5) "Nothing less than a cry for help." - Gerald. This relates to certain aspects of the play, particularly towards the author's views and opinions, and how they are depicted. 1) "but these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people." - Sheila 2) "And you think all young women ought to be protected against unpleasant and disturbing things." - Inspector 3) "I protest against the was in which my daughter, a young unmarried girl,. Relentless and calculating, sombre presence in contrast to the Birling family's when he first arrives - he is able to control the mood and atmosphere through his language. Whilst Sheila also gives us an impression of responsibility, with feel guilty of the girls death. Inspector arrives, the audience already become wary of Birling and his short-sighted opinions and incorrect observations about society (the Titanic sinking, WW1) and so are more inclined to disagree with him and agree with the.

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