the importance of computers in education essay

increase their interest in computer-related fields during their college education. Computers have emerged as one of the best technologies which have not only reduced the manual burden but improved the work quality as well. By 1984 the development of personal computers such as the Apple II allowed individual teachers to use computers as a learning aid. I shall make primary education compulsory. The advantages of computers in education primarily include: -Storage of information -Quick data processing -Audio-visual aids in teaching -Better presentation of information -Access to the Internet, quick communication between students, teachers and parents. Theirs is an honourable profession and it should be recognised as such in society. Look up some facts!

Children consult Internet and even primary classes are given computer Internet. There are strikes and acts of violence. Education is so important because it assists you in earning a living and sustaining yourself in the world, but it also develops the mind for more complex thoughts and ideas. They are no longer limited any specific field.

As I remember when my parents had enrolled my name in school not only I learnt the alphabets rachel carson the sunless sea essay and numbers but also I made friends, interacted with them with teachers. People 500 years ago did the same and improved on what had been learned to that point, and today we still try to improve on the things learned in the past to make the future better. Computers and Information Technology are widely used in the railway system and railway industry. Computer education also reduces the time needed to efficiently learn new material. Education is every thing. Computers can potentially enhance students mathematical thinking, and improve scores in problem solving and critical thinking tasks.

The Importance of Computer knowledge in Education Computer technology has had a deep impact on the education sector. Home Free Essays The Importance of Computer in Education. Computer software help better presentation of information. Internet can play an important role in education.