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a positive difference in your application. Our medical school and law school acceptance rates are 85 and 98, respectively, and many of our alumni go on to be leaders in medicine, business and law. Where can I find information about campus safety? Office of Health Professions Advising, Prebusiness Advising and, prelaw Advising. Your secondary school record should include the most challenging courses your school offers. We also strongly recommend, but do not require, that you have taken physics. Submit an official record or transcript (mark sheet) that shows all your secondary school work and grades (or marks) starting with ninth grade and continuing through at least the end of 11th grade.

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admissions essay length

File Size: Maximum file size is. We recommend four years of English and at least three years of mathematics, natural science, foreign language and social studies.

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Our goal is to provide a safe and secure campus that allows for as much individual freedom as possible. Because of Dukes core commitment to a liberal arts education, Duke does not offer premedicine, prebusiness or prelaw majors, minors or certificates. We hope to get to know you through the documents we require as part of our application process. First, please understand that we do not have a minimum required score for either the SAT or ACT, nor do we have a minimum required GPA or class rank. Entering students who have completed internationally recognized college-level examinations with high scores will receive international placement credit in essentially the same way that credit is awarded for AP exams. Update your financial aid status, view your admissions decision If you have earned new honors or awards since you submitted your application, you may send any updates you would like us to review to the address noted below. We generally expect students to enroll in five academic courses per year, and if a student does not take four years in a particular subject area, it should be replaced with an academic course of equal rigor.

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