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which Fillipo admits he is "scared" of trying to flee from his kidnappers. To key instances of betrayal occur, the first being Salvatores betrayal of Michelle. In conclusion Fillipo like Michele has also grown up considerably over the course of book, down to his pre-mature "loss of innoncence he has become a lot braver and has overcome many of his fears in different ways. He doesnt want either of them. This is shown in his over-expectation, his hardened feeling towards his son: Forget him.

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Fillipo had to live in his own excretion this can be seen when Michelle lifts the mattress to the hole A terrible stink of shit was released. This is indicative of how unaffectionate, selfish, and uncaring Pino is as a father, who hardly cares for his sons feelings but only about if his plans go well. Then Pino says, Lets play a game. He realises the suffering Fillipo endures and forms a bond. Throughout the novel, he exhibits empathy well beyond his years, often making readers forget that he is just nine. This same sense of responsibility to the ethical is evident, when Michele breaks on oath to his father, even after the temptation of a new bike is before him, and returns to help the hopeless Filippo. In a bid to secure a financially stable future, they indulge in an ambitiously sickening ransom kidnapping. Michele Amitrano- Michele's compassion is his most projecting characteristic that makes him appealing to the reader. Essay about I'm not scared: Pino's characters.What is Pinos intention here? The secluded impoverished hamlet of Aqua Traverse and the adults that inhabit it are representations that portray the flaw within the human spirit, the flaw of an overriding need for something greater. His loving side was shown through acts of giving and humour as he bought gifts for his children and joked with his family. Chapter 10: This is the final chapter of I'm Not Scared.

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essay i'm not scared