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eyes as it comes closer and closer and refusing to move, refusing to flinch, refusing to show any. Below we sketch out our interpretation of the poem, analysing its language and meaning. The animal emerging from such an inner depth and darkness is a trope that recurs in Hughess poetry: in, for example, the dream / Darkness beneath night's darkness had freed, / That rose slowly towards me, watching. The window remains starless: old-fashioned and clich├ęd poetic tropes were not required here. 2 In this particular instance it seems to me that the simile Sagar uses betrays him into an inappropriate critical response His comparison may be apt in one respect, for it is certainly true that there is a powerful element of magic in the poem. When the poet awakens, as it were, he finds the page is printed the neat prints that the fox of his vision set into the snow are there in reality, rather as if he had woken from his dream of the burnt fox and found. I suspect it was a masters thesis only the first draft that was written in a couple of minutes all of his poems went through numerous drafts. (I originally wrote these words before coming across Hughess own discussion of the poem in Poetry in the Making: So, you see, in some ways my fox is better than an ordinary fox.

This poem is his breakthrough which indicates his turn. Published in Ted Hughes s first collection, The Thought F ox is a poem. Put a bloody hand on the essay he was writing and said, Stop this. Ted Hughes, who wrote The Thought-Fox, was one of those poets.

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The fox's dual nature complicates the poem. The Thought-Fox is probably modern poetrys best-known poem about poetic inspiration. It is precisely this advantages of rainwater harvesting essay conflict which seems to be buried in Hughess early poetry and which, as I have suggested, eventually erupts in the poetry of Crow. The same conflict of sensibility which is unconsciously dramatised in The thought-fox also appears, in an implicit form, in one of the finest and most powerful poems in Lupercal, Snowdrop: Now is the globe shrunk tight Round the mouses dulled wintering heart. Hughes doesnt explicitly say that the shadow is broken by the terrain over which the fox is passing this is an unstated metaphor for the wariness. The blank sheet of paper can only be printed when there is thought and imagination. The tracks which the fox leaves in the snow are themselves duplicated by the sounds and rhythm of the line Sets neat prints into the snow. Lawrence, who was also an intellectual in rebellion against his own rationalism, a puritan who never ceased to quarrel with his own puritanism. In the first two lines of this passage the rhythm of the verse is broken by the punctuation and the line-endings, while at the same time what seemed the predictable course of the rhyme-scheme is deliberately departed from. The final stanza celebrates the pleasure of poetic creation. Ted Hughes is popularly known for the use of animal imagery. The language of this section of the poem is perfectly accomplished: the way that delicately the nose touches twig, leaf, the quietness and brevity of the repeated t sound echoing the delicacy of the touch, and the omitted and between twig and leaf gives.

Born in Yorkshire, Ted Hughes was the son of an avid countryman who fought in the war.
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Ted Hughes, was born in 1939 and died in 1989, he wrote two poems, The.