april 1865 the month that saved america thesis

you received. Let it be said plainly: April 1865 is a magnificent work, surely the best book on the Civil War to be published in some time. This is one of those rare, shining books that takes a new look at an old subject and changes the way we think about. The file will be sent to your Kindle account. It all happened so quickly, in what "proved to be perhaps the most moving and decisive month not simply of the Civil War, but indeed, quite likely, in the life of the United States.". Winik is an exceptionally good storyteller. In good spirits and sensing the war's end, President Abraham Lincoln attends a comedic play - and is assassinated. But "a mere administrative mix-up" left his army empty-handed and may have limited Lee's options in the days to come.

For the Union, "there would be no real rest, no real respite, no true amity, nor, for that matter, any real sense of victory-only an amorphous state of neither war nor peace, raging like a low-level fever." One of Lee's officers actually proposed this scenario. Winik shows that there was nothing inevitable about the end of the Civil War, from the fall of Richmond to the surrender at Appomattox to the murder of Lincoln. Please note you've to add our email to approved e-mail addresses. "What emerges from the panorama of April 1865 is that the whole of our national history could have been altered but for a few decisions, a quirk of fate, a sudden shift in luck." When Lee abandoned Richmond, for instance, his soldiers rendezvoused. Simultaneously, Secretary of State William Seward is brutally attacked but survives. Narrator: Jay Winik, this New York Times best seller from noted historian and acclaimed author Jay Winik forever changes common perceptions of the final month of the American Civil War. April 1865: The Month That Saved America Audiobook.

April 1865: The Month That Saved America Audiobook by Jay Winik. Winik's engrossing narrative sweeps listeners along from one incredible moment to the next until, remarkably, peace is reached. A provocative and deeply researched account, this modern air pollution an essay classic is a major reassessment of the 30 most pivotal days in United States history. Along with fears that remaining Confederate soldiers will break into guerrilla bands, these events threaten to plunge America into turmoil. Lee surrenders his forces to Ulysses. Battle Cry of Freedom, one of the better Abraham Lincoln biographies, something on Robert.