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Wii"? Looking for citations showed that it is mostly referred to as BAT, which led to the absurdity of three agent based thesis versions of the nickname in the lead for this barely notable tower block in a small provincial town. In 1982, qualify as a " micronation "? State routes use the format "State Route xx" or "Route xx (State or something else (where xx is the route number)? Susan Hawk Was she in Survivor: Pulau Tiga or Survivor: Borneo? This is slightly ridiculous as she is English, and therefore of course will pronounce it in an English manner. People might not see it in the article, and will not read the article. Aquarela do Brasil Not so much an edit war as an editing armed standoff. 40 KB discussion ends with real-life harassment. Amid a sea of blue links to wise essays on the value of civility, an edit war broke out over the new link's inclusion.

If this does not work, try changing the MOS itself; that always works. Death Star Is it 120 km (75 mi) or 160 km (99 mi) in diameter? Luckily, the truth (they are one and the same) eventually came out of the series itself.

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Hitler Has Only Got One Ball Can anonymously written folk songs be copyrighted? The edit-war did not even concern whether or not there should be an infobox on the article. Are 99 of things on the web rubbish? Discussion reaches 30,000 words, reverts spill across all three articles, two get protected, an informal RFC is opened and one editor briefly retires. Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive Is Sega's 16-bit console the Genesis or the Mega Drive? Between these edits are much of the same. 3rr violations, page protection, and vitriol spilling onto multiple talk pages ensue. The band's name is "Eagles yet all former and current band members talk about their tenure with "the Eagles" in published interviews and on the official website. It only got resolved by a straw poll vote and the changing of the text. Users and anons constantly reverted each others' edits over the position of the character.