what if you failed essay in ged exam

individually. There were some basic math questions (fractions and mean, median, mode) but you have a calculator during those. For social studies I studied for around a month, for LA I studied for another month, and for math I studied for half a month but only got through small portion of the lessons. What is a Passing Score? I didn't even open the science section of the book. What has happened in other states that have already switched to computer testing? But if you're like. If your state does not offer testing in only one subject at a time and you retake the whole exam and score a 400 in reading, your passing reading score from your first exam is counted). I had it in my head that it was going to be this awful, unbeatable thing, but it wasn't.

What if you failed essay in ged exam
what if you failed essay in ged exam

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My test was mostly algebraic expressions/equations and line graph questions, there was one fraction question, no decimal questions and no geometry. Remember, you need a 410 in each section and 2,250 total score. Language arts, wAS hard for dred scott thesis statement me despite being my best subject. LA is dependent on you as a person, but from somebody that has always loved the subject and reading and writing, I'd study at least a little bit even if you are good. A little information for reference I'm a 19yo female who dropped out unofficially in 7th(this is where I stopped trying and failed classes but got pushed ahead because no child left behind) and officially in 10th.