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for the individual writer. For the more serious kinds, for pragmatic poetry, to use an excellent expression of Polybius, they were more difficult and severe in the range of subjects which they permitted. London: Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts 1861. Their theory and practice alike, the admirable treatise of Aristotle, and the unrivalled works of their poets, exclaim with a thousand tongues "All depends upon the subject; choose a fitting action, penetrate yourself with the feeling of its situations; this done, everything else will follow.". Essays in Criticism, Vol. IdTbinaaaaqaaj Arnold, Matthew: Culture and Anarchy. 2001 ( suhrkamp taschenbuch wissenschaft, 1510) Harrison, Anthony.: Victorian Poets and Romantic Poems. He will esteem himself fortunate if he can succeed in banishing from his mind all feelings of contradiction, and irritation, and impatience; in order to delight himself with the contemplation of some noble action of a heroic time, and to enable others, through his representation. Cambridge: Macmillan 1865,.

But for all kinds of poetry alike there was one point on which they were rigidly exacting; the adaptability of the subject to the kind of poetry selected, and the careful construction of the poem. The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Poetry. It is so: you may find main scenes in some of his greatest tragedies, King Lear for instance, where the language is so artificial, so curiously tortured, and so difficult, that every speech has to be read two or three times before its meaning can. Simply because in the three latter cases the action is greater, the personages nobler, the situations more intense: and this is the true basis of the interest in a poetical work, and this alone. In purely literary criticism, Sainte-Beuve is his chief model; but his methods in other critical fields were largely the results of his reading of Renan. The Popular Education of France, with Notices of That of Holland and Switzerland (essay) 1861, essays in Criticism (criticism) 1865, new Poems (poetry) 1867, on the Study of Celtic Literature (criticism) 1867.

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