why southwest airline sinternship essay

apply for any internship you feel obliquely qualified for, and pay special attention during the automatic dismissal questions. Just wanting to travel the country on the weekends doesnt necessarily mean youd be a good culture fit at Southwest, and this is a Company that values culture more than just about anything. I was asked surprisingly difficult questions, considering the rest of the process (by comparison) is so painless and easy.

why southwest airline sinternship essay

Asked a lot of basic HR questions, but they really wanted to know why I wanted the internship and what department.
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Southwest boosters and encourages. This is a much earlier window than most are accustomed to, in my experience, so you have to plan ahead! Be nice to everybody you interact with. If the Dallas, TX page doesnt have the Airlines opportunities you wanted then why not check out the. Southwest has invested significant sums in facilities, equipment, and technology to efficiently process customers such as online booking and boarding, self-service rapid check-in boarding pass kiosks. Remember, they're trying to decide if they want you to work for them. Another passenger, an elderly woman flying to Phoenix for cancer treatment, begancrying because she had no family or friends at her destination. With this elastic demand, consumers will stop traveling by planes and find other ways of transportation. A little extra effort goes surprisingly far in a world where minimalism rules. If applicable, bring work samples. Commitment to school high GPA (I believe the cutoff is.0).

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