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will throw pennies in the trash ( 2 percent actually admit to it, which makes me think that the number may actually be higher). Lower-income groups are more likely to think the penny is useful. What's really behind America's clinging to the pesky penny? But if people are leaving pennies at the cash register, is it time to get rid of them?

Large charities like the Salvation Army also collect loose change and rely on people donating in pennies. Below is the unedited version: There is a growing war on cash, with even the smallest coins targeted for elimination. Even about giving them to people for their thoughtswhich Stephen Dubner from Freakonomics considers to be an insult.

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Its illegal to do it, but you could melt down a instagram thesis pdf bunch of pennies and get zinc out of them (and a small amount of copper which you could then sell. Chipotle Mexican Grills already use this kind of flat pricing to speed up checking out. She is also a proud graduate of Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart. This legislation, along with calls to eliminate the nickel, is misguided for four reasons. A simple way to retire the penny would be to round each cash transaction to the nearest nickel, but why would you want to round to the nearest nickel, thats spending more money though. Americans For Common Cents cites the effect on consumers, particularly low-income Americans, as a reason for keeping the penny. Because of the high value of those metals, a penny is worth more melted down than. If there were no one-cent coins in circulation, businesses would likely round the prices of their goods up to the nearest nickel, raising costs for consumers. Has a very real financial interest in the United States continuing to produce pennies, so it spends money to promote this position. Wed be better off without them. It is literally a case of being penny wise and pound foolish.

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