privacy and internet essay

or password. Wright suggests that people should be careful when publishing a Web page containing personal thoughts because anyone with Web-authoring software can easily trace the URL (electronic address) back to it s origin. Those who get caught up in a serious security breach may find law enforcement authorities seizing their equipment and examining it to try to track down the hacker and develop evidence for a criminal prosecution. A study released by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that about one quarter of Net users have provided phony personal data to Web sites: invented e-mail addresses, fake Social Security numbers, and alter egos complete with bogus incomes, genders, and hobbies. Take for instance some of the information that is posted on ones social networking site's profile like work and education, place of residence, relationship and family, contact information, birthday, sex, and relationship status. Garrie and Liane Komagome, authors at the Journal of International Technology, With todays rapid rate of technological advancement, it is imperative that judicial systems around the world involve their legal systems to address the global problem of spyware.

Government, businesses, web platforms and their advertisers are collecting users' online data on a daily basis through various techniques which could be used for study, security, and economic advantage. This policy should alert you to how your information is shared and sold (2009). Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google retain vast amounts of personal information of their users. Technology is a big part of the problem in many ways. Continue Reading, threats posed by the internet to personal privacy 1012 Words 5 Pages, privacy is a very important issue to Internet users. Knowing simple facts, like which activities reveal personal information, how others get information, and ways to safeguard privacy, may help average computer users stay safe and help keep personal information private.

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