terminal server 2003 white paper

that offers both client-side and server-side application virtualization, for optimal application performance and flexible delivery options. TCP/443 Default port for Citrix Secure Gateway, SSL Relay Service, Citrix ICA connections using sslhttps browsing and secure connections to a Citrix Web Interface web server) This is the only port that is needed to be open on an external firewall for secure connections. Exe Dynamic TCP/ Inbound Allows Citrix management console to communicate with Citrix servers XTE. Exe Yes Symantec This component allows the 64 bit SmcGui process to access 32bit processes, such as RtvScan and SymCorpUI Appendix D: Preventing SmcGui, ProtectionUtilSurrogate and ccApp running for all users Process name SmcGui. Exe TCP/ Dynamic Outbound Allows Citrix management console to communicate with Citrix servers ConfigMgrSvr. Note: If a TCP/IP port number is specified on the vendor line, the Citrix vendor daemon may not restart until all the clients close their connections to the vendor daemon. Scheduled Scans, if a scheduled scan is required then it should be run out of hours in order to minimise user impact. Exe Yes Citrix Citrix Program Neighbourhood and Single Sign on Agent Tomcat. Exe No Citrix Handles the mapping of client drives and peripherals within ICA sessions Citrix_GTLicensingProv.

terminal server 2003 white paper

Published in May 2005.
The relevant configuration options for terminal servers, terminal server sessions, users, and RDP clients can be found in different places in the Windows Server 2003 registry.
This paper is excerpted from the book Terminal Services for Windows Server 2003:Advanced Technical Design Guide, by Brian Madden and Ron Oglesby.

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You can also run the lmreread License Administration Command on the license files or force the license server to reread the license files by clicking Update license data on the License Files page of the License Management Console. However, in certain cases this exclusion may not work correctly and you will need to exclude it yourself. When Terminal Services is activated on a windows server, users can connect to a virtual desktop on the server and all applications are executed on the server, instead of the client device. In addition, on 64 bit terminal servers you will also see ProtectionUtilSurrogate. Appendix A: Testing Methodology During the authoring of this whitepaper, the following environment was built: Figure 2 - Terminal Services Testing Environment citrix32 a 32 bit Windows 2003 Server running Citrix Presentation Server.5 member of the farm Citrix Farm citrix64 a 64 bit Windows. If you dont already have a Centralized Exceptions policy, then either import addiction social media essay the one with this whitepaper (follow Appendix F) or create a new one by clicking Add a Centralized Exceptions Policy.

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