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hormones on human tear production". The vitreous body is a clear substance composed of water and proteins, which give it a jelly-like and sticky composition. Retrieved Merry (2005 p 48 Shaffer R, Brodine M, Trone S, Macera C (2005). Courses consist of engaging, bite-sized video lessons that make concepts easy and fun to learn. Optokinetic reflex edit Main article: Optokinetic response The Optokinetic reflex (or optokinetic nystagmus) stabilizes the image on the retina through visual feedback. This study has been cited over 700 times, making it one of the most popular positive psychology studies to date. "The questionable dry eye as a clinical and biochemical entity".

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55 Several factors may contribute to gender differences. Exercise physiology - as the name suggests, this is the study of the physiology of physical exercise. 72 Eye disease edit Diagram of a human eye ( horizontal section of the right eye). Heroes, rogues, and j'ai essayer avec une fille lovers: Testosterone and behavior. "Linked Sex Differences in Cognition and Functional Connectivity in Youth".