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Indian slave, and restored him to his liberty. The subject has been handled with masterly power by Lysander Spooner, Esq., by William Goodell, by Samuel. (Lawrence Herbert) See: Lawrence,. De Hell, Xavier Hommaire See: Hommaire de Hell, Xavier, De Heredia, José-Maria See: Heredia, José-Maria de, De Hinojosa, Eduardo See: Hinojosa, Eduardo de De Hoghe, Andries See: Boutens,. Back to Online Encyclopedia Index, image Ownership: Public Domain, frederick Douglass was born into.

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Cyprian's: A Tale of School Life (English) (as Illustrator) His Other Self Night Watches, Part. (English) (as Illustrator) Viviane (French) (as Illustrator) Doren, Alice. (Eugène) See: Roberty,. Upon his return in 1847, Douglass began his first newspaper, The North Star which later became, frederick Douglass Paper. Lirriper's Lodgings (English) (as Author) Mrs. With little experience and with less learning, I have been able to throw my thoughts hastily and imperfectly together; and trusting to your patient and generous indulgence, I will proceed to lay them before you. I doubt if there be another nation on the globe, having the brass and the baseness to put such a law on the statute-book. (Ricardo) See: Los Rios,. Having publicly declared himself a fugitive slave, Douglass fled to the British Isles to continue his outspoken campaign against American slavery. De (Berthe de Camp, Charles.

Douglass, Frederick (1818-1895) The Black Past
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