essay on importance of discipline in life

family follow a certain pattern in what they do like getting up going to bed on time, having their meals on time, etc which replicates a specific routine in life. Like them we all must be disciplined, so that everybody can be proud. Without this our social life will become a mess and will soon go out of gear. Wanton indulgence in indiscipline, strikes, demonstrations, drug-addiction, beating up of teachers in examinations, molestation of girls, boycotting classes, defying the authorities and fighting pitched battles ged writing prompts essays with the police, which has become the bane of student life in free India of today are, in a way. Similarly you should not and you cannot expect success in life without proper discipline. Discipline is of prime importance in every sphere of man's life. But if the sense of discipline is not instilled into the minds of the members, each going his own way in his own manner, life in the family becomes a living hell, in our social life, we are required to follow certain norms of behavior. A child is born in a family and it is the family where he or she first learns to remain disciplined. In the same way, a students mind is playful by nature, it will go in every direction unless the student is given a fixed path (discipline) to follow. Discipline is ever more important during school life.

Nature provides the best example of discipline in life. They are averse to disciplined and they reach very sharply whenever some restrictions are imposed.

There is a need and importance of discipline in our society and in our life. Discipline does not mean iron rule. Discipline in the office or at any workplace means that all the working staff be it the employers or the employees should reach the workplace on time and also maintain the pre- defined code of conduct. We have been noticing a very disturbing phenomenon of strikes, demonstrations, agitations and bandhs and vociferous processions and rampages. So better learn to become disciplined as early as possible. You want to achieve them. Even in small day-to-day things like walking along the road, boarding a bus, baying a ticket from the counter or doing, or getting a work done in a government office, citizens must show a sense of discipline. Its purpose is to connect two water sources and provide nourishment to villages so that crops can english 1302 fiction comparison essays grow. Our life should be punctuated with discipline. To sum it up, we can say that students are like water and discipline in schools is like the walls of a canal.