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musics bouncing feel was straight out of church and had a strong sense of syncopation. Music can make hard work seem easier, or rather, make it tolerable. The black culture is a phenomenal subject representing the life style, imagination and accomplishments of people. Rhythm and blues music in the 21st century has been used to encourage a spirit of worship and to communicate with God. Most people go through their stages of music as their get older, and I am in between rap and alternative. Reducing a song to 8 data points.

The Song Machine, a history of pop musics last 25 years of unstoppable hit-making sophistication. With these two inventions it simplified the recording process. Research Papers 1015 words (2.9 pages) - Classical.

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Rhythm-and-Blues Music, Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2008 m Microsoft Corporation. In theory, the songs with most similar EchoNest values should sound similar as well. Yet another paper published in 2015, using a similar dataset extracted from audio features, had the opposite conclusion, Contrary to current theories of musical evolution, then, we find no evidence for the progressive homogenization of music in the charts and little sign of diversity cycles. My mom is an accountant where she works with numbers all day long, and that can get annoying by looking at the same sheet of numbers for hours at a time. The result is a trend toward similarity, with smaller distances among songs. Digital audio-editing software and the ability to easily transfer the sounds over the internet to other writers suddenly allowed you to create 50 or 100 or more songs in the same amount of time that it would take to create only a few if you. They found that songs that reach the highest echelons of the charts bear some similarity to other popular songs that are out at the same time, but they must be unique in certain ways. If you go to a concert, you will see people dancing to the music, and getting in tune with the rhythm - like a flower waving in the breeze, or a tree swaying in the wind. In the late 1980s raps controversial subgenres, gangsta rap raised with the debut album. Billboard, Jerry Wexler, coined up the name rhythm and blues when he was editing the charts at the trade journal. Music has a common characteristic that is unique to all cultures throughout the world. In 1954 Charles hit song I Got a Woman was the popular notion of soul music.

I am afraid that music these days has no soul Is it possible that Are Hit Songs Becoming Less Musically Diverse? Questlove: Disco and the Return of the Repressed How Hip-Hop Music Is the Food of Soul Lapham s Quarterly

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