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currently completing her il at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, on the regulation of small amount credit (often referred to as payday loans exploring the role that social minimums can play in determining an appropriate approach to regulating this area of law. Her primary interest is in Copyright Law for education and creative industries. . WS:WUI Women in Ugarit and Israel: Their Social and Religious Position in the Context of the Ancient Near East. In 2015 Stephen held an appointment as a Congressional Fellow in the American Political Science Associations Congressional Fellowship Program in Washington.C., as the only Australian in the program, and as a Visiting Researcher and Senior Fellow at the Institute of International Economic Law.

Trophies of War, US Troops and the Mutilation of Japanese War Dead, James J Weingartner - PHR Vol.pdf, su Google Docs. Gasc Greek Apologists of the Second Century, Robert. Oxford:1988.(Defends the logical coherence of a God "outside of" time.) PH:eihvc Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty. Of the NT (Balz and Schneider) EE Easter Enigma-Are the Resurrection accounts in conflict?

WR:wwncm Who's Who in Non-Classical Mythology, Egerton Sykes with new material by Alan Kendall, Oxford: 1952, 1993. OT:agfbrammar for Biblical Hebrew (revised ed). Karen Radner and Eleanor Robson (eds). OT:FAI Families in Ancient Israel,.G. WR:syfwm Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim. NT:WAM4TH Women and Men in the Fourth Gospel: A Genuine Discipleship of Equals.

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