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get out of control and lead to disastrous conclusions. Frankenstein commits the same act of treachery as the monster he consciously brought into the world, thus leaving one to realize that it is in fact. Frankenstein who is the monster in this epic tale of creation, heartbreak and despair. These chain of events are both Victors and the creatures demise. After complying with the monsters demand,. Now, the creature when he was first brought to life had nothing but love and kindness to bring to the table. As cliche as this popular Hollywood"tion may sound, it is extremely fitting to describe the situation where. He would observe people studying their interactions. Frankenstein has a chance meeting with the monster later in the novel, the monster informs his creator of the intense suffering (164) he has endured since his abandonment. It was after this good and benevolence that.

We will write a custom essay sample. The monster then proceeds to convince. However, in the movie the monster is seen as being brutally violent as he has a criminal brain, and attacked his master soon after he was created. Victor Frankenstein and his creature both have plenty of revenge.

Unfortunately, instead of fulfilling his parental responsibilities to the helpless creature he creates,. Of course we again know that their reasons for revenge are very different. The creature is defined as a "monster" by using fact he's unnaturally created, and therefor and not using a "soul". He does not have the responsibility to care for who or what he brought into the world, and this lack of attention, care and upbringing made the monster an instinctive animal. They both had a thirst for knowledge, trying to learn new things. This is the straw that breaks the camels back, as soon after, the monster lashes out in uncontrollable rage. Frankenstein who brought the monster into the world, but then turned around and in an act of utter monstrosity, abandoned the monster.

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Also, another noteworthy difference is that both of the monsters in the book and the movie get a different brain. Will this power be used to create horrible monstrosities that will be a form of destruction on society? Frankenstein had sacrificed his sanity to create this being, but upon creation was met only by breathless horror and disgust (34). Or will this knowledge be used for the betterment of the populace? The monsters only desire was to enjoy some form of companionship, but when just walk on by brent staples thesis Frankenstein denies him of this possibility, the monster becomes dedicated to destroying.

Blinded by the enthusiasm of his knowledge,. Even though Victor Frankenstein and his creature were very much as different as you can get on the outside when it comes to their physical appearance, they were not so different in other aspect of their lives. He attempted to beat God, and God prevailed. For example, the monster in the book is portrayed more of as a human, but the monster in the 1931 film was depicted as more of a monster, having animalistic traits that made him seem like unhuman like and more of a creature. Frankensteins case, his lack of control over his vast supplies of enthusiastic knowledge leaves the reader questioning who the actual monster is,. The monster demands a female creature from his creator; someone who is as hideous (170) and with whom he can find happiness, solitude and love. At first glance you would think, How could they be similar?

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