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a few feet away. A part of the salary goes to expenditures for the animals: food, house, special needs. Pets help us in our daily life in terms of giving us the emotional support and,personally, I find it most important. Pets can get sick and feel very low. Animal Contributions to Human Needs Could we use pests as pest control?

They feel our mood. Animals have helped throughout history by working for humans. They are not sterile, but they are only capable of producing male offspring after mating with the pest females. Essay about fast food is bad for health.

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Organizations, created in order to defend animals have to prevent their killing and save each individual. They were wandering, forced to eat what they could. We have got preventive and curative medicines. All these form an environment. Certain dogs, with special certification, are allowed to visit the residents in nursing homes. But I think that conditions created in modern zoos are relatively good. A rabbit could be eaten by a fox and dog could also eat the fox or even the rabbit. It is good when you come from work tired and somebody alive waits for you. Also plotted on Fig. So, the service of science is visible everywhere in the world. Anyway, scientists managed to divide them into kinds and groups. This species is a serious agricultural pest that causes extensive and expensive damage to crops.

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Animals play an extremely important part in the lives of humans.
We may not realize how much impact animals have on our lives.

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