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straight forward to do your own PV - we did. All we need now is a triggering mechanism. Were going to get panic selling. The survey should be done from the location where the PV panels will be mounted. A few more moves and it could be Checkmate: Putin understands the Achilles heel is this hyperinflated stock market this man is brilliant. (Sponsored Ads in 2012 an elite insider claimed that on or around March 4, 2014 the doomsday clock would ring, the effect of which would be a complete collapse of the.S. How former Vice Presidential adviser Grady Means came to this conclusion with a specific target date may forever remain clouded in secrecy. . It has always only been a question of when. Vladimir Putin is pulling a huge bluff on everyone right now allowing equities on a global scale to rise, only to reverse this move and crush equity markets which will destroy the United States economy. We know the.S. Contrarian investor and commentator, greg Mannarino thinks it could be happening right now, and he explains his highly viable theory in the broadcast below.

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This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and hitchens and yet essays a link. For all we know, it was Putin himself who orchestrated the Ukranian coup. Vladimir Putin strives to make Russia a global super power. Its going to destroy this relief rally and then some. The debt of the United States is in the biggest bubble in the history of the world. While costs are dropping, PV is still a relatively expensive way to get energy from the sun, so make sure you review other possibilities as well, such as, solar space heating, solar water heating, passive design, and, for the best payoff, efficiency. Hes going to re-introduce his troops almost in a Blitzkrieg type fashion and hes going to destroy the stock markets. The wealth effect that the Fed has created Vladimir Putin knows that it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. He understands where this going and what he needs to do to make this work here.