teacher vs doctor essay

interest in mastering this particular profession. Morale takes a further downward lurch. Now you know why doctors are considered more important than teachers. Last week, Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan police commissioner, warned that next months comprehensive spending review would mean the Met having to lose another 5,000 to 8,000 officers even as Londons population expanded.

Teacher vs doctor essay
teacher vs doctor essay

He rightly wants a 24/7 NHS and too much weekend provision on current terms is substandard. I want my doctor to get me well, not to over-prioritise a budget target or". Keep on reading to know why doctors are better than teachers. The prime minister and chancellor should beware. So, society, in effect, sets them up to fail. The talented young doctor, part of the brilliant cancer team that has been treating my wife for the last 22 months, is resigning and going to the. It is this culture that allows the government to aim to eliminate the budget deficit almost entirely with cuts in departmental spending. Although in both cases there are factors beyond the control of the respective practitioners, only teachers are expected to perform miracles. High-stakes standardized tests designed by giant education publishing companies now determine teachers' pay and retention; grades given to schools; and rankings of teachers' colleges. Particularly with doctors, we only notice them when things go wrong. It has become impossible to think straight about the state.

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