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is due to birth defects or injuries whereas cosmetic surgeries are done simply because people are not at ease with their bodies. There is also necrosis, a condition where the skin cells begin to die. A common English saying is that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Complications can arise from the use of anaesthetics which can potentially cause brain damage, strokes, heart palpitations as well as paralysis if things go really wrong. Quit on quick fixes and embrace natural beauty and natural signs of aging instead of having a perfect body with a burnt pocket. She had no choice but to remove her breasts due to breast cancer. A major concern of Jennys is her nose. However, Stendhal, a nineteenth century writer states that beauty is the promise of happiness.

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The philosopher Immanuel Kant, whose aesthetic theory has been influential, noted that beauty seems to possess both subjective and objective guing for the subjective nature of beauty, he wrote, "The judgment of taste, therefore, is not a cognitive judgment, and so not logical, but. And it can be absolutely tormenting. Not all people are discontented with their natural beauty. In my opinion, plastic surgery should only be done when required. Common procedures include nose jobs (rhinoplasty the removal of fat from certain parts of the body (liposuction) and. A balmy moonlit night can awaken the lover. They would have to take time off from their jobs to recuperate. Hence, when a woman applies make up, she becomes more confident as she is now more comfortable with herself. On the other hand, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is to reshape a part of the body which a person is not satisfied with.

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