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vs Atlanta Falcons who has more fans? Traditional learning vs E-learning: what does the future hold? The sun vs the moon Chemistry vs biology Nuclear vs fossil energy Disputable scientific statements Science and technology: are they interdependent? Essays vs research papers: what is the difference: Home schooling: what are the benefits and disadvantages? Dumbledore vs Gandalf Soviet cinematography vs American films Loki and Thor Brothers or Enemies? There are two main types of structures, which an author can follow, in order to write a compare and contrast essay. Theres a wide variety of hooks you can use such as: Literary queotes Anecdotes or jokes"s of important persons Setting scenes"s from poetry Scientific arguments Rhetorical questions Never stop brainstorming since its the best way to make a decision regarding the two items. Netball vs basketball: are the rules different or the same? The thesis statement usually goes in the first paragraph, somewhere around the last sentence. You can appeal to books, movies or articles that are discussing the same topic youre going to approach in your essay. Discusses different places and locations in the world.

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E-learning versus traditional learning is science and technology really helping with the learning process? Novels or comic books whats more interesting to read? Battle Of The Opposites Essay Topics White vs black. Similarly/Likewise, the mobile phone is a convenient tool for communication. In the past, letters would take days to arrive at their destination. Compare Similarly Likewise also both. Compare And Contrast Topics For Starters Tomatoes: are they fruits or vegetables? Below are some common examples. Poetry vs hip hop: are there any similarities? Bruce, on the other hand, is very intelligent. Title: There have been many advances in technology over the past fifty years.

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