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Ahmad, a political scientist stated that: in Pakistan, Shi'ism becomes more concentrated, more clericalist, more amalgamated and more Iranianized, as a result of Iranian revolution. Religious or political that leads to bigoted attitude towards the opposing sect will be called a state of sectarianism. While at the national level this power politics is obvious from the fact that Then Punjabs home secretary, Rana Sanaullah met with Ahmed Ludhianvi, then president of SSP while at the same time the late Governor Salmaan Taseer from Pakistan people party met with the. A Sunni Lashkar consisted thousands of peoples from mostly the province of KPK, attacked on Shias and killed almost 700 peoples.

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A 5 Aliya 13-14 2 Years. The power sharing becomes informal. It is because of the mass movement of Pakistani workers to the Arab world as well as the huge financial funding master thesis database management pdf of Saudi government to the Pakistani Sunni madrassas and jihadi groups. The government of today must then find ways of reversing the trends so deliberately created. Mujtaba R, Abdul B (2010) Trends and pattern of radicalization in Pakistan. There is no single evidence in this history of Islam that shows the demands on anyone to convert from their religion. Malik Muhammd T (2011) The rise and impact of Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan after the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan with special reference to KPK and Baluchistan. Since then, more and more bars, social, legal and economic, have gone up which prevent non-Muslim citizens from holding the equal status guaranteed to them by the constitution.

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