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also got softened to sometimes become more Innocently Insensitive than actually mean-spirited. Sister Dominick: No, I'm talking about you. In another episode, London falls for a delivery boy, and seeks Maddie's counsel on how to act poor. Over the course of episodes, however, she progressively became almost Too Dumb to Live until she is who the character has become today. They also seem to have removed her volume control. She's also seen numerous times lounging around during work hours. Lord, please help us stomp these losers into the ground. Stock Ness Monster : Galapagos Gurdy in "Sea Monster Mash". Maddie: Ok, it's time to strip and make the bed! Accidental Kiss : While the team is celebrating their victory, Max accidentally kisses Zack.

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Kiss of Life : In the essay on disadvantage of overpopulation episode "Rumors London walks in on Maddie and London thinking they were kissing in the staff lounge, but Lance was actually teaching Maddie mouth-to-mouth resucitation. Not Me This Time : In the Crossover with Wizards of Waverly Place, Moseby is convinced that Zack is the one put blue die in the hot tub. In another episode Zack borrows money from another boy to play in the arcade, without any ability or intention to pay back, the boy threatens Zack into making Cody throw the spelling Bee they are both in so he can win 'or else'. Returns To Stand-Up (Again) Because Comedy Is Tragedy Plus An Utter Lack Of Self-Awareness. The latter's role would have liked been filled by Marcus if he was still around. In Woody's defense, he lost his glasses, and is nearsighted. "Fawlty Towers" Plot : In the episode "The Defiant Ones Cody misses a homework assignment due having spent a romantic evening with Bailey the night before. You just somehow convinced Moseby that Bailey was a girl so I got stuck with the stupid roommate.