essay on true religion cannot be misused

that an equally close relationship to God is possible within the other world religions. But religion has been exploited to validate the opposing causes; and if you believe that your side alone has the Truth, this can justify whatever actions may seem necessary. However, at this point some Christians might simply say, "So what? As such, they do not conflict. I want to suggest that in fact they do not conflict because they are claims about different manifestations of God within our human thought and experience. But when I tear them down, I do not know which is which. Science is not going to change its commitment to the truth.

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Truth is just moulded into a narrow and false mask where it is termed as religion. So let us consider the possibility of seeing salvation, not as the juridical event of being justified by the atoning death of Christ, but as an actual transformation of human beings, usually gradually, from natural self-centeredness to a new orientation centred in the divine, the. For the sake of the future of humanity, we must fight to expunge the fantasies of faith from human thinking. Another kind of observation is less common, because it depends on having travelled in the heartlands of other religions and having been lucky enough to encounter some of their saintly individuals. For example, science cannot yet show precisely how the universe and life originated naturally, although many plausible scenarios exist. That, to my mind, is a negative consequence of the only-one-true-religion thesis. And that observer might well conclude that they are all thinking in much too small and restricted a way. And what follows from this? But, finally, it is important to add, speaking as a Christian, that although Christianity is not, I'm suggesting, the one and only authentic context of salvation, there is nevertheless a sense in which, for Christians, Christianity is central, unique, normative; for they have been formed. At his trial Yigal Amir said that hewould have no problem killing babies and children as it is written in the Book of Joshua, in the name of conquering the land for Israel. However, if we truly possess an inner sense telling us about an unobservable reality that matters to us and influences our lives, then we should be able to observe the effects of that reality by scientific means.

essay on true religion cannot be misused

Misuse of Religion December 14th, 2006 And an old p riest said, Speak to us of Religion, And he said: Have I spoken this day of aught.
Science and Religion Cannot Be Reconciled.
This essay is based on my 2012 book, God and the Folly of Faith (Prometheus Books).

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