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One of several possible meanings behind Gnarls Barkley 's "Crazy", as suggested by several people on SongMeanings. Interestingly, it wasn't the power itself, but the loss of it, that drove her to madness. In Morrowind, it's implied that this will be the fate of Dagoth Ur and the Tribunal via Sanity Slippage. Oedipus is a man who has made a mistake mistake" is the best translation of "hamartia" which is often misunderstood as meaning a personal "tragic flaw" - not what Aristotle wrote or intended). ( Yes, them ). He briefly dances on the edge of going mad but decides to take his own life instead in the end. Inverted in the King of the Hill episode "Dale to the Chief". THE game'S just playing itself JON!" He also didn't take the reveal of Conker being a useable asset in Project Spark very well if "conker IS totally back guys" is anything to.