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no worries, use the printable ". Some students like to read the same book over and over. As a result, they are less likely to transfer these skills to the next assignment, much less to other content areas or high-stake testing situations. My tween readers record how the book was read. Because they are 8th graders, they easily comply with the request for truthiness. Introducing Portfolios, introduce portfolios by teaching term paper community development the term portfolio. When prodded, most kids will tell me their love of reading took a dive toward the end of elementary school and into middle schoolwhen their teachers started assigning whole class books and giving tests and papers over those books.

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Next, I explain the writing portfolio templates I co-designed with Renee Krusper (my awesome Lowville Academy colleague). Despite the diverse levels of mastery, each student is able to identify an area of strength and establish individual writing goals. Sometimes I do, but usually I just walk around while they are reading. Students review my positive and constructive comments, and then we engage in whole-class discussions, brainstorming the skills required to be successful using a graphic organizer. Miller also supports this claim, as she wrote in a 2010 letter home to parents that was published on Ed Week, kids who love reading hate those logs. After all, we want reading and writing skills to transfer to all aspects of their lives, including personal writing that sometimes gets overlooked in middle school. Writing logs put an end to these frustrating experiences. Since my main goal with these logs is to empower students to find their own ideas in a text, I never give them prompts or topics to discuss.

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