vocabulary newspaper terms

English classes you will read excerpts of newspapers. Critic - "The critics were very hard on that new sci-fi film. Broadsheet: full-size newspaper, averaging six columns to a page byline: Line located under headline which tells the name of the writer. Passive voice: In passive voice the subject receives the action with the use of a passive verb. Bush awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005. Wire service: a news agency or organization that gathers news and transmits it to individual subscribing newspaper (AP, CP, Reuters) yellow journalism: Refers to sensational stories and "scare" headlines.

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vocabulary newspaper terms

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Simon was one of the most successful playwrights and screenwriters of the latter half of the twentieth century. Times needs to speak to all the residents of Los Angeles. Confrontation interviewing: Firing questions in an accusatory manner that will likely make the interviewee (the person being interviewed) uncomfortable and less likely to respond. Tabloid - "Today's tabloids are all full of that Hollywood actor's divorce.". But The Times should do more, like tossing that "sentence" and "paragraph" stuff. Times reader Grant Nemirow appeared: I loved Rachel Abramowitz's profile. Only time will tell. A passive verb is a form of to beand a past participle: is believed, was believed, had been believed, will be believed. Indirect"tion: Information that is close to the way the news source said it, but not exactly. And the birth of a prince brought hope and happiness to royal-watchers around the world.

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Advert - There are too many adverts in this newspaper and not enough news.