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had depended on volunteers from those who already possessed the Roman citizenship. They started invading the regions of the Rhine and Danube Rivers. It was a mixture Internal Causes contributing factors. The disruption of trade also weakened the empire economically? Scholars victor gruen essay actress have always argued over the economic, religious, political and outside forces which led to the downfall of the mighty Roman Empire and these are holistically discussed in The fall of the Roman Empire essay. Finally invadors overran the Western Empire, this lead to the third reason the collapse of the Roman Empire. Western Empire was no match for Attilas empire? The alternative reasoning was Rome started to face unheaval in the military and polictics started to decay. In the fall of the Roman Empire essay, this holds a high importance since this is the moment when the empire started to fall down and lose trust among loyal supporters.

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But the reasons why such a tyrannous empire faced an impending downfall was mainly due to the credibility of the empire which took a beating gradually when many aspects with respect to being a mighty and dominant empire started losing prominence. The preliminary reason was the economy begins to decline. Writing a case study on the Roman empires downfall is certainly challenging owing to the multitude of aspects that you have to cover. In the thirst century sources started to dissapear. It was all a combination of Christianity, the Eastern Empire, and the economic struggles. For these showed the remarkable disinclination to serve" (Salmon). Rome was considered as the hub and controlled a major chunk of the other civilizations which existed in that era. Throughout the third century, Germanic tribes more than once stressed out the roman legions guarding the northern frontiers. Huns were destroying everything in their path, driving Germanic tribes living along Romes border to move into Rome. Rome was not built in a day, therefore couldnt be destroyed in a day. In a dissertation methodology, the author must always cover how the Roman population had lost its faith from the government and the degree of unity was such that it was almost impossible to recover. No war plunder (were not expanding and taking from other people)?

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