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and eggs of birds. Content last modified: May 18, 2005 Written by Kristina Cawthon Lang. These little creatures are not restricted to any particular level of the canopy, and can sometimes even be seen running along the ground. Gestation: 6 months (183 days height: 232 mm (M F weight: 411 g (M 430 g (F). Weight 260-380 g, length.8-26 cm, the Cotton-top tamarins are impressive economic research papers search engine pdf primates with a characteristic white crest that is composed of long hairs, surrounding their neck. Diet, fruit, plants, nectar, gums, insects, frogs, and lizards. This helps them avoid early-rising predators. On the other hand, deforestation opens way to once inaccessible range of Cotton-top tamarins, and these primates are often trapped by animal collectors and sold in port cities or exported. Population number, according to the iucn Red List, the total population of Cotton-top tamarins is 6,000 individuals, including approximately 2,000 mature individuals.

References Related Animals More Fascinating Animals to Learn About. In this lesson we will take a look at a species of tamarin called the cotton-top tamarin. The long tail of this animal isn't prehensile.

Its predators include Marten-like tayra, forest hawks, and humans. The diet of a cotton - top tamarin is omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and animals. Insects and fruit make up the bulk of their diet, but they will also eat sap, nectar, and even small reptiles and amphibians. Cotton - top tamarins are an important part of their ecosystem.

More recently, Anne Savage and her colleagues began working on a long-term research and conservation project in La Reserva Forestal Protectora Serrana de Coraza-Montes de Mara in Colombia, another principal refuge for cotton-top tamarins (Savage. In late afternoon, they begin to travel more quickly and more cohesively with limited foraging stops until they reach a sleeping tree (Neyman 1977). One of the strongholds of the remaining cotton-top tamarins is in Paramillo National Park, a 540 km (208 mi) park containing primary and secondary forest (Mast. Sometimes it is not obvious how they got their name. Predators, birds of prey, snakes, natural Defenses, cotton-top tamarins vocalize using 38 distinct sounds to communicate with their family group and defend their territory. However, in the case of the cotton-top tamarin saguinus oedipus ) it is very clear. The head crest and legs vary in color from white to yellow.

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