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of global warming will be catastrophic, including an increase of between 3 and 9 degrees in average temperatures in the United States by 2100, rising sea levels and more intense heat waves, wildfires and droughts. In this regard, the nrdc unequivocally asserts that the cause of global warming is a thickening layer of carbon dioxide pollution, mostly from power plants and automobiles that trap heat in the atmosphere (as cited in Frank, 2008,. Another issue is mining. This means that the magnitude of risks from impacts of climate change involves a great deal of uncertainty.

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Not all adverse consequences can be avoided through adaptation, although the nation can significantly reduce the extent of damage through proactive actions to avoid, prepare for, and respond to climate change. Â Human health and society. Global Change Research Program (ACC: Advancing the Science of Climate Change; NRC, 2010b). Â Establish a database of best practices for adaptation in all sectors. Recommendation 2: The executive branch of the federal government should initi- ate development of a collaborative national adaptation strategy, which might take the form of a national adaptation plan. As Miller cautions: Computer models are sophisticated, put together by experts, and getting better all the time. Meltdown: Why Global Warming is Going to Become Even Worse in the Future.