essay on regret by kate chopin

for her dog Ponto. It wasnt until taking care of her neighbors children did she realize what she was missing out on by being alone. Unfortunately, her life was filled with misfortune. Having never had any children of her own, she. Once the children return to their mother, Mamzelle cries very heavily in remorse. She felt regret for banning herself from a great happiness; she might have done this because she wanted her independence or because she did not find a true love. In the beginning, Mamzelle is described as a good strong figure, ruddy cheeks and a determined eye. They became more independent in their lives without the need of men to support. She lives alone and is very self-reliant. She also has African Americans, or negroes, who work around her house for maintenance.

FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Regret by Kate Chopin specifically for you. But the question is that was this change good for women or not? But soon she realized that "little children are not little pigs" (Chopin 2). In the short story "Regret the change in Mamzelle Aurelie's character caused her sadness and regret. She has regret that she didnt live life to its fullest, regret that she didnt want that priceless joy in her life, and regret that she was too old to try and acquire. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, the main theme of the story, which is the title of the poem, is regret. Through this story Chopin portrays how people find regret in the most unlikely of places. She realized that the void left by the children could not be filled by her own at the age of fifty.

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