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to propose the use of BSC framework as the approach that will be applied in evaluating and improving the performance of the Fund. The pro for the external recruitment is it will bring fresh employees and talents. The questionnaire and interview questions were based on this framework to find out what should be the level of performance ( as planned by management what is the current level,and what should be done to improve the current level of performance. Lay down foundations for further research president obama farewell speech essay on improving performance measurement system. In most cases it is done in operational level. Organisations use different methods and techniques they have developed to process changes for improvement purposes. In turn increases contributions that boost the cash flow.

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In short BSC is a framework used for evaluating business performance of a company. Google can also apply Theory X as well.

Google company founded in Menlo Park, California,.S. This is because no all the worker will introduction with thesis be ambitious and self-motivated so it will affect the task cannot going on smoothly. 2.2 To analyze and discuss the companys practice in relation to the selected topic. In short questionnaire and interview are the main sources of data collection for this research. If the employees of the Google Inc are not open to accept other culture, they may bring negative effect to the business. What are the problems and /or challenges in implementing the BSC? Performs this Theory Y because their tasks tend to more flexible and innovative. This is because the manage less to supervise them and not under pressure or micromanage, it may let the employee can do their best and ability to solve the problem them face by themselves. Next is the impaired freedom of speech. Management should always take more attention to the workers so that they will work harder for the company.

Moreover, the typical of the hygiene factor which included working condition, quality of supervision, job, company policies and administration. In view of the above a more comprehensive and clear approach is needed that put equal weight and emphasis to both financial and non financial aspects.

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