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simply that it is devoid of philosophical activity. He conceives of god as a being who continually enjoys a single and simple pleasure (1154b26)the pleasure of pure thoughtwhereas human beings, because of their complexity, grow weary of whatever they. The akratic person has not only this defect, but has the further flaw that he gives in to feeling rather than reason more often than the average person. You just need to contact us any time to learn about all the available options and describe your task. What he must have in mind, when he says that virtue makes the goal right, is that deliberation typically proceeds from a goal that is far more specific than the goal of attaining happiness by acting virtuously. Why does he not address those who have serious doubts about the value of these traditional qualities, and who therefore have not yet decided to cultivate and embrace them? Nonetheless, an excellent juror can be described as someone who, in trying to arrive at the correct decision, seeks to express the right degree of concern for all relevant considerations. Aristotle explains what each of these states of mind is, draws various contrasts among them, and takes up various questions that can be raised about their usefulness.

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His theory elucidates the nature of virtue, but what must be done on any essay on sunshine nature's particular occasion by a virtuous agent depends on the circumstances, and these vary so much from one occasion to another that there is no possibility of stating a series of rules. Because these perfect friendships produce advantages and pleasures for each of the parties, there is some basis for going along with common usage and calling any relationship entered into for the sake of just one of these goods a friendship. But perhaps Aristotle disagrees, and refuses to accept this argumentative burden. It is not enough to say that it is what happens when we are in good condition and are active in unimpeded circumstances; one must add to that point the further idea that pleasure plays a certain role in complementing something other than itself. Rather, they are relationships held together because each individual regards the other as the source of some advantage to himself or some pleasure he receives. One could say that he deliberates, if deliberation were something that post-dated rather than preceded action; but the thought process he goes through after he acts comes too late to save him from error.

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