essay electricity crisis

natural-gas industry (which includes the new shale gas industry nuclear industry, biomass industry, hydro industry and other renewable-energy industry (solar, wind, geothermal). In the developing countries, populations from see the need for development and growing rate of welfare more important than environment protection; they accept the pollution like a cost for economic growth. Unemployment: By closure of industrial units and less agricultural productivity, new employment opportunities ceased to exist and already employed manpower is shredded by the employers to increase their profit ratios. Petroleum industry influences the natural environment because of pollution and capacity of changing from natural to artificial environment by fueling the developing of modern economy.

Essay electricity crisis
essay electricity crisis

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Pestel analysis is used by organizations for identifying the factors of external environment of the market that could influence the organization and entire industry. Simultaneously, it is the responsibility of us, the people of Pakistan, to utilize the available energy astutely and wisely to play our due role for progress of the country. Economic activities that could be disturbed are road, rail, naval, air traffic, could decline the demand for unnecessary goods and raise the demand for the primary need goods like water, food, pharmaceutics, construction materials, fuels, clothes. Current Hydropower stations : Tarbella Dam : 3,478 MW Ghazi Brotha: 1450 MW Mangla 1,000 MW Warsak 240 MW Chashma 184 MW Potential Hydropower stations: Diamer-Bhasha Dam 4500 MW Munda Dam Swat river in Mohamand Agency cyber attac kand cyber warfar essay 740 MW Kalabagh Dam MW Bunji Dam 5400. EU Data Subject Requests. A powerful influence over the production of oil and the price is made by instable situation from the Middle East, where every conflict could disturb oil production and transport, resulting in the rising of oil price.

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