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example when customers or suppliers are questioned. Dont devote all your life into a thesis, and make sure you spare some time and energy to look for job after graduation too. You also have to use scientific studies. Additionally, I went to one of my professors who gave me a list of people that he has worked with in the past and which probably might have interesting topics available. You must write an exposé.

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In addition, you will always have concrete examples and templates of all kinds. The disadvantages are: the supervisor may not like practical work, Possible conflicts with two supervisors, Company can change project at any time, the planning is uncertain, depending essay for calculus on data from companies, uncertain results, Pressure from the client, Possibly burdened by other tasks, Possibly there are. That is a concept. Let the paperwork begin, december, formalizing things with the school, formalizing things with the company, formalizing things between company and school (legal stuff). This even makes working fun! Some applications are done online (like this ÅF one)some are done through emailing (cover letter, resume definitely no grades, for me at least). They are typically 30-credits. Dont take all month to decide which topic to apply for. Start with the research question and the topic and the appropriate sources! It is probably too early to decide what you will do your thesis.