post development theory essay

rejects all of the meta -theory and meta-narratives in the field of development. His theory focuses on how personality develops in children through a series of stages. Escober(1995) stated that post development perspective is highly critical of how standard views of development categorise populations and countries in the South in over generalised and deprecating ways. Essay on Theories of Development.Child and Adolescent Development Theories of Development.

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Skinners theory of Operant Conditioning suggests that behaviour which is reinforced tends to be repeated. Therefore, post development theories contributed alternative to development through local knowledge, indigenous knowledge, and practical knowledge in other cultures (Chambers:1983, Brokensha et al 1980; Hobart: 1993; Pieterse:2001). However, each of the strands poses a particular view to the developmentalism. It is one of the case of subversive and people centred development approach. The term development has labelled with diverse meaning which may be varied into time, place and sphere, such as: reconstruction and development, economic development, economic growth, economic growth and per capita income, modernisation, redistribution with growth, dependent development, interdependent development, meeting basic needs, top-down development. Learning theorist see development as a constant and never ending development that stays with us through our lives and not in just adult stages.

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