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industrial motorway of a bygone era. I met him several times and was once invited to view his kingdom. Whilst my subject has always been Hackney the influences behind my art practice are found in the work of Johannes Vermeer, the Pre-Raphaelites and latterly a whole raft of art historical paintings. The Mole Man from this series is a requiem to Hackneys infamous patron saint, the man who spent years burrowing beneath his house until his forced eviction by Hackney council. The later pinhole images taken on Ridley Road Market short descriptive essay about love peel back the layers of the waves of immigrants that have arrived in Hackney over the generations, setting up shop and bringing their cultures to sell and share their food and tastes and opening our palettes. This came as a complete surprise to me as a young upstart striving for social justice in a squat in Hackney. It is this mixing of cultures, architectures, people and histories that has so captivated me and held me in the arms of Hackney. This is how I wanted to present my friends, neighbours, lovers and myself to the world, as a meditation on life. This practice allowed me to work both peacefully and meditatively in a respectful and unintrusive manner, where the image is not grabbed, not flashed and not audible. This could have been the end to this fleeting insight into another artists life and his practice.

Well never know what is in the letter but it could be a love letter from a fiancé fighting for his country in a war of independence against the oppressive rule of the colonial powers of Spain. This depicts a quiet moment when a woman reads a letter at an open window bathed in soft northern European sunlight.

On my return I again set out across the urban landscape on my bicycle on Sunday mornings, listening out for that haunting, repetitive bass bin hammering that used to drift across the canals and waterways of Hackney Wick. When the grandmother died the flat above the shop, for a brief moment in time, became a shrine to the Italian Catholic maternal culture.

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Whilst spending an afternoon by the River Piddle at Moreton I research paper on samsung mobile came across an article that described a local doctor who had been forging prescriptions to feed his wifes drug addiction. In the making of this work I began taking photographs on a large format camera, which produced 5 inch by 4-inch transparencies. It also enabled me to talk and engage with the priests, imams, rabbis, apostles and clergy. From my first days in Hackney I have been an avid reader of the Hackney Gazette, looking for jumble sales and scaring myself with the stories of Hackneys underbelly. I had left school at 15 with one CSE and was not considered capable of taking O levels, so I went to work on farms and building sites, for the Forestry Commission and eventually as a tree pruner in Regents Park. By taking on some of the attributes associated with the Pre-Raphaelite artists, such as social engagement, which has been largely erased from the cultural understanding of this group, and the obvious intertwining of beauty and nature I could again reinvestigate my much maligned inner city.

In this book I have set out many bodies of work that I have created over the last twenty-five years, whilst making my journey through the streets of Hackney, trying to make sense of this urban maze and find my way home.
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