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all children to have the same opportunities that my dad has worked so hard to provide for. I had the same work ethic in high school, but I managed to get by with. I had a long discussion with my dad today about religion, but I also got a touch of his childhood. I have overcome a huge obstacle that thankfully many people will never endure, and still managed to find a way to pursue my dream despite the outcome.

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When he was thirty, he had. Through hard work and a lot of time, I managed to find strength within myself, and for my kids, to push through and achieve what I have always wanted. Falling in love with a military man changed my life in so many ways. After a physical altercation where he threw me to the ground, and I landed on my stomach while pregnant, I called the police for the first time. Aside from my background in communication, I think this situation has given me insight into the proper compassion and empathy needed to become an outstanding doctor and patient advocate. I was still so scared of what angering him provoked because I know he blamed me, like he always did, for what happened. I still have much, much more to learn about my dads past, but the things he told me have made me so grateful to be born in America and to have such high hopes for a brighter future. On top of that, he had two older sisters and, later, two older step-sisters.

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