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to nitrogen and oxygen in presence of suitable catalyst (ii) It reduces NOx to nitrogen in presence of suitable catalyst and reducing agent. (ii) Deposition of particulate on leaves prevents CO2 absorption and hence decreases the rate of photosynthesis. (b) Effects on plants: (i) Hydrocarbons retard the growth of plants (ii) These along with ozone cause chlorosis. This may be due to its reaction in atmosphere. Hence, jaws essay media acid rain means the presence of excessive strong acids in rain water which lowers the pH of water from normal. The layer of these gases behave like wall of a green house and transmit short wave solar radiations but does not allow the longer wavelength heat radiation (infrared) to be reflected back into outer space. Some important CO producing processes are: (i) Transportation: It contributes about 74 of CO through motor vehicles aircrafts, rail, roads etc.

Sources: There are two sources of SO2 (1) Natural Source, and (2) Anthropogenic source. Stratospheric ozone depletion due to air pollution has long been recognized as a threat to human health as well as to the Earth 's ecosystems. Acid rain may cause respiratory and skin diseases. It is seen that there are mainly five primary pollutants which contribute together more than 90 of global air pollution.

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While carbon dioxide can Continue Reading Solution for Air Pollution 1088 Words 5 Pages for Air Pollution Society as a whole faces many environmental problems, and as a result, environmental awareness tends to be a pressing issue. SO2, o2, sO3, SO3, h2O, h2SO4 (Sulphuric acid). Some natural actions are things like volcanic eruptions, radioactivity, forest fires, or even evaporation of organic compounds. The very poor can get jobs and feed their families. Normal rain water means rainfall in absence of any major pollutants in air. From the result, it can estimate the high-rise buildings trap Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta released pollutants in the atmosphere, make it more difficult Continue Reading Methods to Reduce Air Pollution Essay 1898 Words 8 Pages Methods to Reduce Air Pollution Air pollution. Some of the harmful effects of UV-radiation may be outlined as below:. Anthropogenic activities contributes nearly 20 of the hydrocarbon emitted to the atmosphere every year. (x) Adequate legislation (Air Act) should be enacted to compel to control essays on fatima jinnah air pollution. One of the most significant forms of pollution is air pollution.

Essay on Air Pollution: Sources, Causes, Effects and Control. Is done based on the type of industries, their function etc. Every city has its own zoning rules. Short speech, essay, paragraph article on Air pollution India.

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