essay on discipline in public life

the teachers orders, do proper work in good hand writing and learn everything in right manner. This meant an order of command that everyone recognized. He has to dedicate his individuality in the larger interest of society. Immoral students may succumb to vice, and vice is a terrible distraction from one's studies, at best. Discipline demands self-control and dedication. M, categories, literature Language, languages and Cultures, english Language. One is induced discipline in which we learn to be in discipline by others and another one is self-discipline which comes from own mind to be in discipline. Also a student should be away from alcoholism and drug addiction. It is required by everyone who needs to work on any project seriously.

Discipline is virtually the soul of the main society. They are attending a school oruniversity to learn and every effort should be made to provide thateducation. Many students after the graduation say that probably they were not luck enough to get good marks, or the evaluators must have marked their papers strictly. Every one of us has experienced discipline in different forms according to their own requirement and understanding towards life. You will have to refer books from some libraries or translate an essay from English to Hindi. This is considered cheating. Discipline Essay 1 (100 words discipline is the most important thing in everyones life. Discipline is important because itmakes you a better person to achieve more things in your life.

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