essay on love of friends

however you choose to place them know that this is a mere concept friend are people who you chose to share your life. This friendship essay example aims at defining the reasons why people become close in communication and evaluating the influence of having reliable soul mates throughout the whole life. The consequential derivation is that the level of similarity of your hobbies or tastes with other people dont influence whether you become true friends or not. When you find true friendship this is a relationship, you want to treasure. An individual can get hurt if his loved one is pained or hurt. These are people who wont come to you when you are in trouble. All friendship has a run of bad luck, and this is the time when the experience friendship has is examined. Love and Friendship covers a multiple of faults. Fourth slide ppt* But would you risk a strong friendship over a relationship? It depends on how he or she handles it and it also depends on his or her perception of the two simple but meaningful words.

essay on love of friends

Essay on Love over Friendship. 858 Words Sep 13th, 2015 4 Pages.

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The identical rule can be applied to the way how women or men choose their Mr or Ms Right. In love, there is great attachment for the other. Love is a gift from God if not used properly its taken away. It all depends on the beholder. These are the people you can always depend on to encourage and help you through the storms of life. When one thinks about friendship, this is a very difficult thing to explain. On the other hand, friendship is quite different from love in this aspect. The lovers even sleep and wake up with the thoughts of his or her lover.

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